This AI program can help in early detection of Lung Cancer

May 20, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

This AI program can help in early detection of Lung Cancer title banner

The role of AI in the medical field is crucial. AI is lending assistance to medical professionals around the globe. It can help with early diagnosis of lethal diseases. AI can even predict the risk of postpartum depression.


Medical professionals globally trust AI , the technology is helping humans by early diagnosis of severe diseases. Now AI is even helping medical professionals in detection of infections.


Researchers from Radboud University Medical Centre have developed an AI program that accurately predicts the risk of lung cancer. 


They developed an algorithm for lung nodule assessment that makes use of deep learning. 


The developed AI application was capable of finding certain patterns in imaging data. The researchers further trained the same algorithm on various CT scan  images for more than 16,000 nodules; it included 1,249 malignancies, from the National Lung Screening Trial. 


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The researchers further validated the algorithm on three large sets of imaging data of nodules from the Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial. Several other tests of the AI algorithm were conducted.


The deep learning algorithm gave excellent results, it outperformed the established Pan-Canadian Early Detection of Lung Cancer model for lung nodule malignancy risk estimation. It was found better compared to previous deep learning algorithms. 


 It performed the task compared  to 11 clinicians, including four thoracic radiologists, five radiology residents and two pulmonologists. The AI model was found close to the maximum accuracy level.


According to SciTechDaily ,“The algorithm may aid radiologists in accurately estimating the malignancy risk of pulmonary nodules,” said the study’s first author, Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh, a Ph.D. candidate with the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 


“This may help in optimizing follow-up recommendations for lung cancer screening participants.”


Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, as per the statistics it accounts for nearly 10 million deaths every year. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer that accounted for 2.21 million cases in 2021. 

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