Privacy Policy

  • The terms “We” / “Us” / “I” / “Company” / “Our” refers to Analytics Steps and the terms “You” /“Your(s)” / “Yourself” / “User(s)” / “Their(s)” / “Them” refers to the Visitors / Existing Users / Users who are availing or using our Services. Thereof, the term “Website” refers to (htpps:// and the term “Service(s)” refers to services provided by Analytics Steps Infomedia LLP.
  • The following Privacy Policy applies to those who are either visiting Analytics Steps (htpps:// or availing services from Analytics Steps (htpps://
  • This Privacy Policy contains information that we collect from you when you visit our website or use our services and the information that you share with us while visiting or using our website. This privacy policy also governs the code of conduct through which we manage to collect your “shared” information and “process” it accordingly. This Privacy Policy also outlines the condition(s) where we may disclose your data or information on certain guidelines by the authoritative body or as per immediate directions by the government.
  • This Privacy Policy takes in consideration that if you visit our “website” or agree to avail/use our “service(s)”, you subsequently share your consent for the information being shared and processed as per our terms and conditions.
  • This Privacy Policy is a legal binding document between the “Company” and the “User” which the “User” can view to know what information we collect from “them” and how “we” process it accordingly. The user can Contact Us, if “he / she / they / it” wishes not to share us certain information.

Introduction to the Privacy Policy

Analytics Steps with the website (htpps:// considers the Privacy of user(s) and visitor(s) to be one of the most important prospects while viewing / visiting / navigating the website of Analytics Steps or availing the services offered by Analytics Steps or using the services provided by Analytics Steps.

Privacy Policy according to the governing law(s) and regulation(s) of Government of India protects the user(s) by notifying them with whatever information the website or the host company with their registered name(s) do collect or store or share or protect or fabricate according to the user(s) consent and only after the acceptance of the clause(s) mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use / Terms of Service / Terms & Conditions.

    Following are the definitions of different terms according to our Privacy Policy.
  • Visiting User: A user who visits our website or navigates on our website for viewing and checking our service(s).
  • Existing User: A user who is using over service from a long time or is an existing receiver of our service(s).
  • Availing User: A new user who has/had just availed our service(s) or a user who is considering for availing our service(s) during the actual signing up process.

information that we collect

Analytics Steps entitles to collect following set of information, personal and non-personal included which covers the following:
Personal InformationNon-Personal Information
Name of the User.Internet Protocol (IP) Address.*
e-Mail Address / ID of the User.Geographical Location.
Mobile / Phone Information of the User.

As soon as you visit our website or navigate over our website or avail our services or use our services, we automatically receive your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address in order to learn about your browsing behaviour and operating system. By accepting this Privacy Policy or by availing our services or using our service, you agree to share with us your detail(s).

e-Mail Marketing: If you are registered as a user of our service or on our website, we may send you emails about other service(s) and notifications and updates. If you agree to this Privacy Policy, you share your consent in the motion of the same without any prior notification(s) in view of same from Analytics Steps.

asking for your consent

In order to avail our services or use our services or when you are either counted as “existing user” or “availing user”, you provide us with certain number of personal and non-personal information for “signing up” to our services and that is where we ask for your consent. We imply the facet that as soon as you join our community or sign up to our services, you give us your consent for sharing your personal and non-personal information and give us the right to process it accordingly.

Underneath the constrain of email marketing, you get the choice to unsubscribe to our emails and notifications or set bar on emails according to your choice(s).

On certain note(s) if you feel like not sharing any personal information rightfully to us. You can Contact Us immediately and we will consider what we can do from our side to solve your problem.

However, if you feel like withdrawing from your consent, you can Contact Us for taking necessary steps further or whatsoever is applicable at that time or whatever seems confining according to you.

disclosing your information

If you share your consent with us in order to feed and process your data according to the Privacy Policy, be assured that your information remains confidential with us and we maintain specific standards and parameters to maintain the security of your data and information.

  • When you have been subjected by the Court of Law (India and/or Abroad).
  • When you are wanted / required by the Authoritative Bodies including Civil Authority and Civil Police on certain number of criminal and/or non-criminal charges.
  • When your information is requested by the Court of Law (India and/or Aboard).
  • When the Government of India or Democratic/Independent/Monarch Government of any other Republic Nation across the domestic boundaries requests for your information(s) through the invoices of Government of Republic India.
  • When Local Civic Authorities and Governing Bodies request for your information(s) and/or detail(s) including your activity and behaviour on our website or platform.

Please do note that the above constrains are only applicable to personal information. Your non-personal information is shared with us on immediate visit and navigation on our website. However, in order to share your information, we prefer only order by authoritative and supreme bodies/civil authorities and government. Hence, your information(s) and/or detail(s) are shared or disclosed only if they are required by the Law to do so or in case you exploit or violate our Terms and Conditions / Terms of Service / Terms of Use.

If you share your consent with us in order to feed and process your data according to the Privacy Policy, be assured that your information remains confidential with us and we maintain specific standards and parameters to maintain the security.

Protecting your information

We take necessary action(s) and precaution(s) in order to protect that the information or detail(s) that you share with us while using or availing our service and the information or detail(s) that we collect from you when you are visiting or navigating over our website. We maintain certain standards of encryption and precautionary measures including Firewalls in order to protect your data from being lost / misused / destroyed / altered / accessed from unauthorised access. However, in any case of such incidents, we do not hold any responsibility of your data being misused / destroyed / altered from unauthorize access. Thereof, we may take necessary actions or legal help or civil assistance in motion to prevent the same.

If you share your consent with us to store and process your data and/or information, then be assured that we are equipped with necessary measures to maintain the security of your data and/or information.

mode of service

This optimum service provided by the “Company” under the title / name of Analytics Steps defines itself as ‘Open’ and ‘Liber’ Service which is free of cost in terms of visiting or navigating the website or using or availing or considering our services. You need not to pay a single penny in order to avail our services for your specific and generic use or purpose. However, it is to inform you that we do not cover ‘Distribution’ as part of our recommended service. Henceforth, please do not use this website for any authentication or verification or redistribution purposes in any case or if there shall be any.

The service that you are either availing or using or considering may be termed with some nominal charges in the coming future but not significantly likely to happen very soon. We may offer new or advanced features on minimum charges in further extensions which are more likely to be the pro or premium or extensive service(s).

third party address / digital marketing

Analytics Steps collects certain personal and non-personal information based on your consent. This section explains the way we process your data in order to generate user reading behaviour and create new marketing ways. We may share and give your data to advertising and digital (new media) agencies or certain websites who deal in similar manner in order for them to create and target certain promotional content while you are navigating and using this or any other website. We may also take your consent in order to generate reports on user reading and navigation behaviour while you are using our service. In order to know the genre of your interest, we may even share your data with third parties or websites or process it accordingly in digital tools like Ad Sense and other advertisement hosts. We, however, do not guarantee what exactly way those agencies or companies may feed and process your data as per their terms and conditions. As part of our pre-defined protocols, we do take your consent in the motion of aforementioned as soon as you visit or navigate over our website or use or avail or consider for our services.

We ensure that these third-party providers use the information that is given by us and will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us.

Under our News Section, you maybe redirected to different website which holds the authoritative responsibility of publishing those news articles and stories and we only provide you a window access or gateway to those portions without making any claims or distributing any of them as part of our own service. We are neither prompting nor promoting those independent websites, we are simply informing you through a customized gateway.

We also provide certain gateways to the social handles including Twitter / Linked IN / Facebook that are used to navigate on certain specific addresses and profiles according to their extent of use / service. You may be even directed to external websites using theses links on our website which maybe categorized as reference, external and internal for extending the understanding of service as in terms of context.

We may share your data for the purpose of knowing the user behaviour, creating bars on user visibility, generating rankings of articles / blogs / write-ups and subsequently for marketing and promotional purpose inclusive to digital / online marketing or for certain digital tools including Ad Sense and/or other hosts that uses the similar framework.


When you visit our website or if you are using or availing or navigating or considering our services, we may simply ask for your consent for using cookies in order to enhance your experience over the website without using it to personally identify or subject you on the digital platform or in the virtual world of Internet.

changes to this privacy policy

Any reforms or changes made to this Privacy Policy remains in our rights. You are kindly advised to review this Privacy Policy frequently so that you can view and see the changes and clarifications made in order to amend the Privacy Rights and Statements made throughout the Policy Document. However, if we intake or carry out any material changes to this Privacy, we may notify to you here that it has been either edited / upgraded / upscaled / updated / omitted accordingly in order to keep you in light with the information that we collect from you, process it as per our policies and requirements and redistribute to different entities on your consent while feeding and protecting it across the platform and digital world.

If rights of this company are transferred / acquired / merged / taken over by/with any other company being of same nature or different nature, the Privacy Policy is most likely under subject of change and modifications according to the new owners of the Company.

contact us

If you wish to access, correct, amend, modify or delete any personal information that you share with us or if you have any doubt / complaint / query regarding our Privacy Policy, then you can contact us without any prerequisites