Alteryx will provide ready to use machine learning models

May 21, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

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Data is the most important factor for every organization, whether customer data or data related to inventory. Every organization big, or small, maintains a proper track record of its data.


Modern era has made it important to choose the right data analysis techique. Refining old data, through distillation, sorting the data in a manageable way are the most important functions that a modern day organization needs to undertake. 

Previously spreadsheets were used to arrange the data in order. 


Now the technology has evolved these days ML is used for data classification. Data analysts use ML for classification, clustering, and anomaly detection. ML is even used for predictive analytics.


Predictive Analytics uses predictive modelling and ML to predict the right set of decisions that a business enterprise must take by analyzing its historical data.


Alteryx, is an American Software Company that offers specialized products that can be used for data science and advanced analytics. 


Alteryx is trusted by 5,689 companies worldwide. JP Morgan and Coca Cola entrusted the responsibilities of data analysis to the former.


Alteryx launched the Alteryx Machine Learning, this new product will provide a guided, explainable and fully automated machine learning (Auto ML). This tool can be used by both data scientists and analysts to deploy ML algorithms and data science for best decision making.


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Alteryx Machine Learning


  • This new product will have AutoML and  ready to use machine learning models.


  • It will have Engineering, and Deep Feature Synthesis for accurate predictions,


  • Automated Insight Generation, to uncover hidden factors and key relationships in complex data


  • “ The Education Mode” feature and data science practices will make ML accessible to everyone.


Alteryx also launched Alteryx Intelligence Suite, this product will have Natural Language Processing (NLP),with simple text mining and easy drag drop automation it can harness all types of data including the unstructured and complex data.


Alteryx also unveiled its Designer Cloud, Designer Cloud 2021.2, and  United Platform API+SDK. All Alteryx products provide personalized recommendations to the users. 


The company’s no code and low code AI tools are easy to use, even for beginners.


As reported by VentureBeat , Alan Jacobson Alteryx chief data and analytics officer said, “The overarching goal of these initiatives is to make data science tools more accessible to the business analysts, domain experts, and data scientists who increasingly need to collaborate.”


“This is critical at a time when machine learning algorithms are being infused into almost every process.There is already AI or ML in almost every facet of our lives,” he added.

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