Blockchain game studios slam Valve for banning games with NFTs

Oct 28, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

Blockchain game studios slam Valve for banning games with NFTs title banner

Ever since blockchain technology has ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies and empowered the crypto-space in its most fascinating way, it has created a milestone by introducing itself in the gaming industry. Recent trends would not have been possible in the gaming realm, if not for the NFTs, asset tokenization, and that too, introduced via the blockchain.


The NFT phenomenon has revolutionised the gaming industry, driven by the blockchain to put forward the blockchain-based non fungible tokens (NFTs) that act for in-game items and accessories, which gamers, in turn can purchase, sell or assemble them together but cannot form a blueprint of the same or exchange these tokens.


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Valve's ban on NFT games


However, Valve, the developer of the software distribution platform Steam mentioned to SpacePirate Games, the Age of Rust developer that from now on, it will not accede to an allowance of NFT games on its platform. 


The mentioned step has been taken, due to its never-ending concerns that revolve around the "real world value" of NFT items and its accessories. 


On the other hand, Fight for the Future; Enjin, a blockchain platform as well as a NFT marketplace, for instance, a fantasy landscape and make-believe swords; and other twenty-six blockchain game companies are going to release an open letter referring to Valve.


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The plea may provoke Valve to undo the ban committed upon the blockchain games and other NFT-based items streaming on Steam platform.

As the President of Blockchain Game Alliance, Sebastien Borget mentions that the blockchain-based games hold the upper hand, with their innovative concepts to stir the gaming industry in general. 


The CEO of SpacePirate Games, Chris LoVerme stated that the future of gaming industry is "decentralized player owned assets", where gamers are evaluated on the basis of their time and efforts.


The gaming studios strictly mentioned to undo the decision so that it does not hinder the totality of software from the Steam platform.LoVerme stated that his company tried to eradicate the usage of NFTs, but Valve's blockchain, on the other hand, seemed concerned regarding the consequences of gambling laws. 


And if the companies provide real-world prizes in games, the state of Washington has shown severity in its role of conduct towards laws, categorizing games as gambling.


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Players in blockchain games such as Axie Infinity can purchase innovative gaming NFT-based characters and sell them at the same time.


As reported by VentureBeat, the use of NFTs in blockchain games have surprisingly enriched its underlying foundation, making games more "​​decentralized, democratic, interactive, player focused systems."

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