Google Cloud launches three new services

May 28, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

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A lot of companies are moving to the cloud for enhanced business operations. Cloud allows businesses to access world class technology. Cloud supports employee collaboration; it allows employees to share documents, and work in real time.


Data cloud allows companies to unify and connect all the data at one place. In the modern era data plays a major role in the organization, it is crucial to maintain set records of data in a secure environment. 


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Ebay, Meal on Wheels, FitBit are some big companies that are leveraging the power of data analytics. Google, Microsoft and Amazon provide cloud services to business enterprises.


Google Cloud provides cloud computing services like data management, hybrid and multi cloud systems,  AI and ML. 


Google Cloud recently rolled out three services related to cloud that will help the organizations by providing them with a single data cloud strategy. It will also provide organizations real time insights through ML.


The three services namely Dataplex, Analytics Hub and Datastream will help organizations to centrally manage data and will provide organizations with a secure environment.


New Services


  • Dataplex will be the secure system of the organization. It will govern the data and will centrally manage. It  will monitor for data leaks, data warehouses and data marts. It will be a combination of analytics and data science tools.

  • Datastream will allow the enterprise to move data over different databases. It will offer services like database replication, event driven architecture and serverless change data structure.

  • Analytics Hub will allow the sharing of datasets and analytics assets. Analytics assets like BigQuery ML models, Looker Blocks and data quality. Analytics hub service is built on BigQuery. It will allow the enterprises to create data sharing ecosystems.


According to ETCIO  Gerrit Kazmaier, Vice President and General Manager, Databases, Data Analytics  and Looker, Google Cloud said, "Data must be thought of as an ability that integrates all aspects of working with it. Every industry is accelerating their shift of being digital-first as they recognise data is the essential ingredient for value creation and the key to advancing their digital transformation.”

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