OpenAI's GPT-3 - What's all the fuss about?

Jul 21, 2020 | Mallika Rangaiah

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The news of OpenAI’s GPT3 has been making the rounds a lot lately. After the previous version of the algorithm, GPT-2 had proven to be slightly controversial owing to its capacity to develop highly realistic “fake news” articles by merely using the opening sentence, GPT-3’s emergence recently has revealed the algorithm to have become even more dominant. 


OpenAI’s GPT-3, is basically a general-purpose language algorithm that adopts machine learning for translating text, answering questions, and predictively writing text. It assesses a sequence of words, text, and other data and then expands on those assessments. 


Post publishing its GPT-3 research in May, OpenAI has offered some select members of the public access to this model last week through an API. This has brought it under the spotlight and made it a trending topic on social media, particularly on Twitter with users developing sample texts through the algorithm. 


One such recent tweet is by user Sharif Shameem, which has been shared below in which he experiments with the algorithm and expresses his shock over the results. 


One such recent tweet is by user Sharif Shameem, which has been shared below in which he experiments with the algorithm and expresses his shock over the results. 


GPT-3 seems to have taken gone much further in its capabilities than its predecessor largely owing to the over 175 billion learning parameters it possesses, which allow it to execute any task it’s given. This makes it larger than the 2nd most dominant language model, Microsoft Corp’s Turing-NLG algorithm, that has about 17 billion learning parameters. 


OpenAI is offering access to the GPT-3 API only via invitation, with there being a lengthy waiting list for its paid version, which is considered to be released in the next two months. 

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