Researchers develop a software to deploy robots in underwater scenarios

Oct 29, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

Researchers develop a software to deploy robots in underwater scenarios title banner

Robots for the Rescue


Researchers from the University of Jaume I at Castelló's Interactive and Robotic Systems Laboratory have designed a software that enables underwater robots with manipulation skills to be remote controlled. 


A computer graphic interface is included in the software to execute a realistic simulation. The emerging technique compensates for the lack of simulators for task control in autonomous and tele-operated mobile manipulator robots in underwater environments.


In dangerous circumstances, where it's practically impossible to approach in person, the employment of robots is essential. 


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The new software adds to the reality provided by the robot in the dangerous area by combining it with 3D data retrieved using AI techniques. As a result, people might experience a mixed reality that is quite beneficial.


By gathering actual information from cameras and sensors, the system makes it possible to portray the status of the robots in a 3D environment.


Before engaging with actual systems, the user interface includes a realistic simulation system for practicing with robot operations and simulated telemetry. This increases the effectiveness of the robot's tasks while also assuring people's safety in such instances.


Controlled Simulation


The new software empowers the progress of underwater robots capable of manipulating, obeying human commands, and simulating the effects of robotic actions before they eventuate; it also enriches the information available to the user, facilitates task supervision, and ensures safety of interventions.


 One of its benefits is that it allows for more precise manipulation and control of robots in hazardous or risky situations.


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Cooperative robotics (e.g., industry 4.0), underwater, radioactive, or dangerous situations for human health owing to fire and smoke, as well as security and telecommunications research, are the key areas that can profit from this new technology. 

For the development and adaptation of the technology to specific uses, the research team is pursuing specific contracts and future license arrangements with companies.


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As reported by TechiLive, this user interface was created as part of the TWINBOT project and tested in real-world settings (with two G500 vehicles) at the University at Jaume I of Castelló's Centre for Research in Robotics and Underwater Technologies (CIRTESU). 


During the first year of the European project H2020-El-Peacetolero, the software was upgraded and tailored to industrial and healthcare contexts.

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