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6 Benefits of Data Analytics in the Ed-Tech industry

  • Siddhika Prajapati
  • Nov 08, 2021
6 Benefits of Data Analytics in the Ed-Tech industry title banner

Under this digitalization trend, the value of Data Analytics has brought far-reaching innovations in the education sector. It analyses, working in educational circumstances. We all behold how the traditional systems of gathering info are constantly moving to the experience. 


Organizations are promptly digitizing their institutional knowledge. In education, for instance, people use Data Analytics for this systematization of pupil records. This data includes info about performance, demographics, and academic records. The use of Data Analytics helps teachers organise decade-systemized records of students’ actions at an institution. 


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Data Analytics in the Ed-Tech World


Features of education that were labour-intensive earlier can now proceed with a single snap or even automatically. For instance, teachers now don't need to monitor attendance or estimate question papers. 


They also do the tiresome job of reviewing every answer sheet. It is completely automated, because of progress in technology. Teachers can focus on their principal task – education. 


Data also enables interactive and immersed learning with the sides of audio-visual support. With artificial intelligence, learners can see live 3D patterns of any objects and obtain knowledge about that same from different online resources.


Teachers can also run simulations on different learning situations to help improve preparation for classes. algorithms of Machine Learning also help in improving, maintaining concepts built on students' past achievements and learning styles. this helps in achieving mentioned tasks - 


Individualised learning


Every learner is unique. Data analytics and Machine Learning can examine a student’s education trail, also not only help in comprehending this uniqueness, but also influence it by creating an individually adapted study plan with relevant pedagogical proposals and contents procedure, to achieve their specific learning goals. It is similar to having a custom-made tutor for each student.



Contextual and immersed learning


Learning is most useful when a peculiar mind confronts its answers. One finds curiosity when he/she searches the world or confronts new experiences. This means the sequence of learning should continue beyond the class and blend into the way of life. Imagine a private tutor in the student’s bag that connects academic theories to his/her real-life events as they unwind.


For instance, when an interested student gazes at the night sky, then they are likely to learn the notion of astronomy as they observe them. In addition to this, the miracle of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality elements gives a complete blend of awareness and encounter that every student looks forward to. 


Classroom learning


As technology drives classrooms online, Data is encouraged to keep it active and engaging. Students’ minds are watched in real-time through the camera and AI systems, implementing immediate feedback to instructors facilitating proper interventions with various pedagogical strategies. The before-mentioned technologies are further extended to sustain proctoring examinations online.


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Better assessment patterns


Most skilled edtech platforms now have flawlessly incorporated the idea of Adaptive Learning, where the diagnostic evaluations and formative estimations become an essential part of the constant learning cycle. 


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As Data analytics systems pursue a student’s education level in various concept areas continually and provide immediate feedback, the assignments are more accurate. 


Even in situations where Summative assessments are needed, the outcomes are more expected. These assists avoid concerns associated with assessments, particularly in a competing scenario.



Benefits of Data Analysis in Ed-Tech Industry


Now you apprehend that handling big amounts of data is a useful yet difficult task. The more data about student achievement that teachers perceive, the more powerful action projects they can produce. 

The image depicts the multifold sphere of Online Education with all its different elements

Sphere of Online Education

Such a project can have multiple goals. It can develop student attainment, increase their consistency, or provide them with practical learning. But the more information, data teachers have, the more difficult it is to examine and evaluate it. 


That is where they practice data analysis as it allows teachers to collect data comfortably. Their single task is to transform outcomes into useful actions, while technique takes charge of the rest. 


Data analysis is the method of collecting, maintaining, analyzing, and evaluating information. In edtech, there is this data analysis, which is employed in student, teacher, course, and adroitness data management. 


With these technology-built data analyses, teachers forget about standard information shaping. They skip about speeding from one counter with papers to another. By data analysis in edtech, one can:


  1. Prevents mistakes


Data analysis checks mistakes that could be performed during the interpreting stage. Computing values or by hand forming graphs or tables enhances the chances of errors. This is due to the fact that the human element is present in old-fashioned data processing. 


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  1. Makes Education more proactive


Data analysis benefits you and brings significant changes to your business. It enables you to concentrate not just on the processes but also on the consequences. Therefore, using the completion of data analysis, you demand a more proactive procedure. It permits you to watch for ways to advance the organization’s function.



  1. Provides customized education


Being proactive centres driving extension in your institute. By data analysis, you can customize student learning as it allows for the analysis of student attainment. You can practice it for the customization of education.



  1. Improving Student Results


You can enhance learners’ results with data analysis. Now, Schools can store 'n' number of data about their student body in databases. This data includes pupil demographic information, academic studies, and student character portraits. 


Educators can utilise this information to create predictive judgments. For instance, based on the study of students’ usual execution, an educator can advance predictions regarding their derivation in the future. 


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If they perceive that any student’s academic attainment drooped swiftly as combined with his or her normal results, it’s high time to take steps. Teachers also follow data analysis to improve student participation during classes. 


Premised on the data analysis, instructors can correctly partition students into assortments. They get in-hand data about student biographies and can mix them with different abilities in one crowd. 



  1. Upgrading your Software


A number of people are going online, which implies that they spend more attention on the software they utilise. Students and instructors using software in schooling are instantly more aware of the variety of online media. 


This is the reason that upgrading software is a count-one rule for active online participation and education. Data analysis presents educators with input and stats. You can customise the functioning of data analysis devices to your organization’s requirements and goals. 


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When they upgrade their software, data analysis shall show them the variations in metrics and framework tendencies. In this process, they will be capable to invest in the best upgrades and trace the developments. 



  1. Increasing Learners Involvement


Data analysis provides educators with the chance to pursue student behaviour while utilising the software. Assume that a teacher proposes some modifications to the syllabus. The teacher’s purpose is to examine how students react to these developments. 


One of the means to accomplish this is to inquire students straight. However, the possibilities are that they shall give wrong answers as they will be anxious that their replies will influence the teacher’s approach. 


Another method is to practice data analysis. Data analysis shall designate whether the mutations have an effect on learner performance and interaction with each other. Utilizing such methods, educators can observationally find ways to improve student action. 


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The last words


Sufficient education should produce a fine equilibrium between education and skill advancement. While most conventional assessments are attuned to evaluating the knowledge outcome, the skill breaks are not adequately assessed. 


In India, with nearly 2900 million students, learning has constantly been regarded as pivotal to development and earned a lot of preference and recognition from society and system makers alike. 


Data analytics renders the much-needed analysis highlighting the differences in the way to quality training across different parts of the community so that suitable measures can be performed to obtain the Right to Education an actuality.


No wonder the Covid- 19 epidemic has stimulated the approbation of technology in the learning landscape. Since the edtech development gains force, we are entering to see the advantages. 


A wide rainbow of advanced technologies like Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual, are each getting their way within the edtech area, improving students’ learning skills, empowering teachers, and strengthening parents to the ecological system. 


Thus, these advanced devices and technologies are enhancing to become extensive and omnipresent in a system that they are actually redefining the prospect of education; also they are hitherto staying.

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