How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Making TikTok Tick?

  • Mallika Rangaiah
  • Jan 16, 2020
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Being the hot new trend for the youth and teenagers while prompting raised eyebrows from the adult section of the populace, TikTok, the video-sharing app which lets it’s users create and share 15-second videos on an array of topics, has taken the digital world by storm and became the social network hub for amateur music videos. 

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Now, what exactly is Tik Tok? 


Tik Tok is an app which enables its users, largely the youth, to fulfil and satisfy their fun buried desires by creating an assortment of videos ranging from various fun challenges to dance to magic tricks to funny videos. 


What started as an app acclaimed and known for its lip-syncing feature, restricted to various areas of Asia, soon gave way to the merry world of dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, and comedy, now finding its place and creating a buzz in various parts of the world.



This image highlights the present, latest statistics of TikTok. Analytics Steps

TikTok’s  Present Statistics, Source -  Wallaroo Media


The app is known widely for its act-out memes, accompanied by music and other sound clips which get incessantly reproduced and remixed among its users. It’s got a varied collection of tunes be it pop, rap, R&B, electro, and DJ tracks, which accompany its 15-second video clips, backed by a wide mixture of effects and filters. 


But what makes the renowned Tik Tok really tick? What technologies are handling the reins behind this popular, entertaining app? 


Answering the above question, Tik Tok is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. This technology optimizes its content creation, curation, and recommendation. 



Let’s dive in Artificial Intelligence (AI)


In layman’s terms, Artificial intelligence is basically the simulation or imitation of human intelligence to use it in machines and program them to think in terms of humans and to mimic their actions. The term can also be applied to define any machine or software which manifests traits that are associated with the human mind. 


The AI algorithms can tackle learning, perception, problem-solving, language-understanding and logical reasoning. 



Applications of Artificial Intelligence


There is a multitude of ways in which AI is used within our everyday lives. Let me sum up some points to help shed a better light on the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in various areas of our modern world :


1. Social Media


  • LinkedIn: Assisting in matching employees to jobs in LinkedIn to create better employee-employer matches, 
  • Pinterest: Helping to identify similar objects in images on Pinterest.
  • Facebook: Detecting patterns between users indicating any sort of self-harm and sending mental health resources to the person or even their friends on Facebook


2. Transportation 


The credit for autonomous vehicles and their rise can also be attributed to AI. Many companies such as Tesla have brought the trend of self-driving vehicles into the limelight.


3. Smartphones


We have daily interaction with AI through our smartphones. Everything we do, from the apps we download to our phone’s software, to the Google Assistants we encounter, even apps like Spotify and Apple Music make use of weak AI to magnify our listening experience. 


4. Healthcare


One of the noble roles AI is essaying is its assistance in saving lives and helping patients across the world. For example, Cambio HealthCare programmed a clinical decision support system to assist in stroke prevention by using it to pass a warning to the physician when a patient is at risk of having a stroke. Yet another example is Coala Life, a company that has a digitalized device which it uses to find cardiac diseases.


For a better understanding of this topic, you can also refer to our other articles on Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence in Tik Tok


While advertisements have managed to fetch TikTok a large degree of exposure, its cutting edge AI is what keeps its users addicted to the app.


Within a day, the app can get to know you so well it feels like it’s reading your mind.” - Bloomberg


Basically TikTok banks on AI technology in two ways. Both from the consumer and producer’s side.


Consumer Side: Tik Tok’s algorithms quickly absorb individual preferences. They capture both the “likes” and the comments of the user as well as record the duration for which they watch each video. With the clips being quite short, it’s algorithms quickly build vast datasets.


Producer side: AI also supports the content creators in devising viral videos. It simplifies video editing and suggests enhancements in components like music, hashtags, and filters that are trending or have proved to be popular based on the category.


This image shows the assistance and support AI technology offers to TikTok , supporting both the producer and the consumer side. Analytics Steps

AI supporting TikTok from Consumer and Producer side


Tik Tok takes advantage of AI not only for the production of videos but also for their delivery. There’s no necessity for the users to specify their preferences upon joining the platform. 


As opposed to simply delivering recommendations the AI Algorithms are immediately prompted into interpreting their user’s behaviour and delivering content based on these interpretations. 


In a very short span of time, they absorb enough to make remarkably spot-on predictions regarding which videos will catch a user’s interest. This, in turn, drives user engagement


TikTok’s full-screen design allows every video to interpret both positive and negative signals from its users. The positive signal is deciphered from the user liking, following or watching the video till the end. 


A negative signal is deciphered from the viewer swiping away or pressing down on the video. Signals are even interpreted from the speed at which the users swipe away a video. 


What makes TikTok stand out from other platforms applying recommendation algorithms such as Netflix, Facebook and YouTube are that this platform entirely interprets and decides what the user will watch instead of presenting a list of recommendations to the users like Netflix and YouTube.


Yet alongside a boon, the power of AI has also proven to be a bane for its users and investors. 


With high powered technology comes a high degree of obstacles and complications. Often inappropriate content gets generated and delivered to users. 


  • In China, Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company has paid the price through large degrees of fines for pornographic content and fraudulent ads. 


  • The company was also charged with the accusation that it had collected the personal data of users below the age of 13 without taking parental consent, leading to a fine of US$5.7 million. As per a statement by the Federal Trade Commission, the company willingly chose to “pursue growth even at the expense of endangering children”.


  • TikTok was also temporarily banned from India and Indonesia’s app stores after the app was suspected of encouraging furtive and illicit content. 


Yet the firm has contrived to channelise the very cause of its scrape as the tool for its solution. Creating a unique hybrid of AI and human censorship, it has attempted to monitor the videos through AI-based tools.


While still being just 99% effective, the solution has gone global with the firm establishing local content monitoring units in other countries, including Indonesia where a staff of 20 now filters videos based on local regulations and cultural values.




As quoted by Connie Chan, a renowned Chinese investor :


“TikTok is the first mainstream consumer app where artificial intelligence IS the product. It’s representative of a broader shift.”

TikTok’s rise has slowly beckoned a whole new era led by AI consumer apps. The knowledge garnered from this app can be applied to a vast array of consumer behaviour, be it in news, music, streaming apps, retail, etc.


Presently the app has proven to be a huge stride towards conveying the power of Artificial Intelligence and a shift towards a more technologically advanced and evolved world. 


The article thus sheds light on AI being the driving force behind TikTok’s rise and also establishing that Artificial Intelligence while holding ceaseless potential and dynamism has to be channelled and controlled accurately for it to be secure and reliable. For more blogs on Analytics, Do read Analytics Steps!



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