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How does AI Impact Test Automation: Explained

  • Sayonjit Roy
  • Mar 26, 2024
  • Updated on: Oct 25, 2023
How does AI Impact Test Automation: Explained title banner

The process of automating and comparing software or applications that are being built (or developed) to user requirements is known as automation testing. Automation testing often entails running test cases using automation technologies to validate various application components and modules. You can do away with the requirement to manually run the test cases by using automation testing. To save time and money, testers can automate the test cases.


Automation testing is very helpful for carrying out repeated operations that take up valuable QAs' time. For those who are unfamiliar, automation testing entails a variety of testing kinds where you can simply run the test cases again with various inputs. Some components of functional testing, regression testing, and API testing are simple to automate, which will hasten the overall QA process.


Purpose of Automation Tests


Adopting automation testing has several advantages outside merely saving time and money on the process. Here are some reasons why you should use automation testing in your company:


  • Extends the coverage of test cases

  • Eliminates inadvertent human mistake to increase accuracy

  • Provides coverage over a broad range of inputs and user bases (many thousands), which is not feasible with manual testing

  • Assists developers and QAs in swiftly identifying problems so they can hunt for solutions.

  • Automates superfluous test cases to shorten the duration of regression tests.

  • Aids in simulating a user-like environment so that testing may be done in a real-world situation

  • Long-term strong ROI potential

  • Supports the reuse of test cases repeatedly, saving time and money by preventing the need to create new test cases.


Lifecycle of Automation Testing


Testers often carry out the entire testing procedure in accordance with the automation testing lifecycle. You should follow these sequential steps to complete all of your automation testing requirements quickly and accurately:


  • To comprehend all the many components that you might automate in your test cases, determine the scope of automation testing.

  • Choose the tools for automation testing that support the scope of your automation testing.

  • Create a test plan, corresponding technique, and test cases to carry out the testing process effectively.

  • Create the testing environment so that the test plan may be carried out using inputs of various types and for various test types.

  • Create a test automation script based on your testing requirements, then run it using the appropriate tool you selected in the second step.

  • After the test case execution is finished, analyze the test findings.


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How is AI used in Test Automation?


Automated unit test generation using AI is a substantial advancement over automated unit test generation using templates and static or dynamic analysis. The resulting tests are actual pieces of code, not just stubs. A huge existing codebase can benefit from the speedy generation of AI-based unit tests.


AI Testing Tools' Advantages


Modern society has greatly embraced automation and technology, which has revolutionized the way we work, play, and study. Education is one industry where automation and technology have advanced significantly.


There has been a notable shift in recent years toward integrating automation and technology into educational methods. For people of all ages and backgrounds, this transition has led to greater learning opportunities and access to education. 


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The advantages of AI testing tools for automation engineers and developers are numerous.


  • Test results are more accurate and use fewer scripts, which saves time and money. They also offer improved defect-tracing capabilities.

  • After making mistakes, they have the ability to repair themselves.

  • Since the majority of them are codeless testing tools, anyone can script.

  • Offers the ability for continuous testing

  • Enhances API testing capabilities and requires almost no upkeep.


The Function of AI in Automated Testing


We must first comprehend the idea of AI as an emerging buzzword in order to better comprehend its significance in automation testing. The simulation of human intelligence by machines is known as artificial intelligence (AI). We have created complex computer programs that are capable of a wide range of exciting activities, but they are still just programs, and they follow instructions exactly. 


Although artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of computer program, it differs from other programs in that it has been educated with vast amounts of data to the point where it can see patterns in the incoming data and make decisions. It can also pick up new information and adjust. This means that we can use AI to develop our more sophisticated cognitive abilities. Particularly in test automation, AI has the potential to change the game by helping QA teams with even more difficult jobs.


Important Characteristics of AI-Augmented Testing Tools


Testers can enhance each phase of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) with AI-enabled test approaches.


1. Development of Test Scripts


The process of writing test scripts used to be laborious. To write test scripts, a tester must spend time analyzing the requirements, assessing user stories, and thoroughly comprehending the system. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) may significantly quicken this process by examining not only the requirements but also the test cases already in place, the behavior of the application, and even testing patterns to learn more about the system and produce test scripts that are more streamlined.


2. Generation of Test Data


The readily available and comprehensive test data is another intriguing aspect of AI-augmented testing solutions. You require a sizeable volume of data or a wide variety of test data input to test every conceivable situation in order to achieve optimal test coverage. Additionally, you may use AI to carry out a variety of data-related tasks, including:


  • Create synthetic test data based on actual test data to fulfill certain test requirements.

  • Create new data variants using existing data to support a wider range of testing situations.

  • Improve the accuracy of the data that is already available. 

  • Examine extensive code bases to better comprehend the situation.


3. Execution of Intelligent Tests


Choosing selected test cases to run or manually running test scripts on a range of browsers and environments are two common bottlenecks in test execution. AI can relieve human testers of certain duties by:


  • Handling test cases automatically and categorizing them.

  • Efficiently determining the tests that must be performed across diverse hardware, software, and settings. 

  • Running regression tests just on important features.


4. Smarter Test Upkeep 


Typically, the most difficult aspect of automation testing is test maintenance. When a code update occurs, test scripts must be regularly revised in order for them to function, which takes time. AI/ML can reduce unnecessary testing and mistakes by locating the most suitable replacement for any damaged selection (also known as the self-healing mechanism).


Examining the connection between UI changes and code modifications to find the places that were impacted.


5. Root Cause Analysis


AI-powered root cause analysis aids QA teams in determining what went wrong with software testing and why it occurred by:


  • Using logs, performance indicators, reports, and anomalies to examine the impact areas.

  • Tracing problems to the user stories and product needs in question.

  • Root cause analysis using already existing knowledge sets or repositories.


Best Tools for AI Automation Testing




One of the best AI testing tools is Testsigma. It enables QA analysts and automation engineers to build automated tests for APIs, desktop, mobile, and web apps. It also offers strong error-correcting auto-healing capabilities. The program enables team leads and manual testers to efficiently and concurrently run tests.




  • By leveraging natural language processing to generate codeless tests, creating tests is as simple as writing short English sentences.

  • Because it is cloud-based, installation is not necessary.

  • Supports automation of web, mobile, desktop, and API tests

  • Fantastic dashboard

  • Automatic healing and intuitive intelligence

  • Capabilities prompted by data for actual test cases

  • Capability for automated scheduling and report customisation

  • Complete compatibility with all widely used CICD tools




A strong, user-friendly GUI interface is a feature of Mabl. It is one of the low-code testing tools for artificial intelligence. Additionally, script writing is not required. For busy teams, the technology also enables high-velocity testing. From the moment the first line of code is written to the last, it runs end-to-end tests. The technology also improves coordination between managers and clients at every stage.




  • Enabling low-code testing allows developers to concentrate on quality

  • Automatic healing and intuitive intelligence

  • Capabilities prompted by data for actual test cases

  • To do extensive end-to-end tests using APIs

  • Ability ability to leverage data to provide developers with insight

  • Simple to use dashboard




Automated testing is carried out using AI and machine learning methods by Testim.io. One of the AI testing tools, it is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and web browsers. Additionally, it is the ideal tool for software maintenance requirements. It is employed by many developers to run AI-powered UI and functional end-to-end tests. Agile teams also find it helpful for scaling test automation procedures that are driven by AI.




  • Feature for troubleshooting to identify and fix issues

  • Maintenance function for precise testing and upkeep

  • dashboard with active activity

  • skills to integrate third parties

  • Supports activity tracking, API connectivity, and data import/export Price

  • There is a subscription plan with more features and a free plan with fewer features.


Aqua ALM


To conduct testing, Aqua ALM makes use of its natural language processing capabilities. It is one of the AI-driven test automation systems that supports testing in multiple languages. This web-based platform also provides high flexibility, complete visibility, and user-friendly tools. With the help of this platform, developers may run more tests in less time. It is also intended to serve as a test management solution for busy businesses. The technique is ideal for major technological companies in particular.




  • It multiple departments manage tests centrally.

  • Produces results for test execution and includes a function for finding and fixing errors

  • Automatic creation of tests

  • Contains tools for predicting and budgeting

  • Permissions and access controls feature




Different test designs, plans, and executions are automated by AccelQ. One of the self-healing AI testing tools is this one. Additionally, it is helpful for software tests on PCs, mobile devices, and APIs. It also provides a comprehensive perspective of the full QA lifecycle. Additionally, it offers route and prediction analysis for a variety of test scenarios. Additionally, it is a cloud-based solution that continuously provides automated API and functional tests. Additionally, it makes use of natural language processing to provide continuous testing throughout each stage.




  • Includes a clear dashboard

  • Excellent features for creating automated tests

  • Excellent tools for working together

  • Characteristics for lifecycle test management and predictive analysis

  • Allows for document storing

  • Includes an API and a test alphabetical listing



Software can be tested automatically without the involvement of a human. Automation reduces mistakes, increases accuracy, and frees up time. Based on the needs, constraints, and features of the project, the tools should be chosen.

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